Tutorials – Blender

This page is dedicated to using the Blender Game Engine and contains tutorials, links and tips for those new to creating games with Blender. The tutorials have been tested with students, however if you find any difficulty following them, then please contact me.

First of all download Blender, if you haven’t done so already.



Making a simple ball game (Blender 2.59)

  1. getting familiar with Blender
  2. cutting shapes
  3. keyboard controls
  4. applying physics and gravity
  5. restarting the game
  6. finishing the game

The basics of making a platformer game (Blender 2.63)

  1. what you will learn to make in this series of tutorials
  2. the player character a movement controls
  3. adding physics and collision bounds
  4. making the character jump
  5. adding more platforms
  6. lighting and shadows

Beginners Blender Game Engine  introduction (Blender 2.64a)

Tutorial Notes from the @CASScotland workshop on 27th October 2012

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