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Looking Back, Looking Forward

January 11, 2015 Leave a comment

2014 brought a few interesting technologies that may have an impact in the gaming world, many of which won’t be fully realised until at least 2015. Here is a rundown of some technology that emerged in 2014 or is due to appear in 2015:

  1. Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality headset made it into version 2 in 2014, with version 3 codenamed ‘Crescent Bay’ to be launched early in 2015. The big question is whether or not virtual reality will be accepted by the gaming community or whether it will be consigned to the ‘skip of failed tech’. Several companies are betting on VR becoming popular, including Samsung who have launched their own VR headset that uses their latest cellphone as the screen. Oculus themselves, purchased in 2014 by Facebook, have been recruiting some big players in movement tracking technology and bought up Nimble VR, a small tech company developing hand-tracking systems. Google also made a much less expensive step into the virtual world with its budget Google Cardboard virtual reality headset. Many thought it was a joke at first, but the reality is that it’s a cardboard headset containing some cheap plastic lenses that houses a smartphone in a similar way to Samsung’s headset. Sony were also developing their own VR headset, the Morpheus, for Playstation 4, but it is now believed that the project has been canned. Microsoft are also rumoured to be developing a similar system, and meanwhile in Scotland a company called Eyedak Ltd is developing its own headset.
  2. The Steam Controller finally made an appearance too, but the design has only just been finalised, so we’re not likely to see it in the shops just yet. The controller which mixes together a gamepad design with touch pads is being hailed as the new best way to control your game, providing a halfway house for gamepad  and mouse users. It remains to be seen whether this will prove to be better than either of the systems it aims to replace, and there’s still no news on how much it will cost.
  3. Valve’s other project, the Steam Machine has failed to appear in 2014. The new range of gaming platforms, co-built with a handful of hardware vendors was to run the SteamOS and provide a new gaming platform to run all of your favourite games downloaded via Steam.Valve has restated its intention to have the hardware on full release in 2015, but we shall see if there is any appetite for yet another gaming platform.
  4. Also in the virtual world, the company Virtuix has brought a virtual reality treadmill to the pre-order stage. Designed to allow players to walk in a realistic way in a virtual world, the treadmill known as Virtuix Omni is compatible with Battlefield 4 and is suitable for gamers with a large room and probably an equally large bank balance.
  5. HP is launching a new 3D monitor that allows users to interact with objects on screen in an augmented reality kind of way. the system uses a special stylus and a set of 3D glasses to create the effect. The screen is based on the Immersive 3D technology from zSpace.
  6. Intel is also jumping on the bandwagon of interactive display technology with its RealSense devices that will allow the user to interact with screen based objects with gestures and movement, as well as to create 3D scans of objects.
  7. 2014 also saw the release of yet another Nintendo DS. This one had two analogue sticks, Near Field Communication and a cartridge slot. In other news a Nintendo fan has built a tower of old DS models that reach from his bedroom in East Tokyo to the moon.

Resources Update 7th September 2012

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment

New updates in emerging technology that may impact on gaming:


Resources Update 11th May 2012









  • Microsoft Mirage Table is an augmented reality device that allows two remote people to interact in a 3D shared space.
  • Platinum Arts Sandbox is a free 3d game making tool based on the popular Cube 2 engine. It allows seamless switching between the game and development environments.
  • Dark Basic is a games development environment that utilises a BASIC-like language for programming.
  • 3D Rad is hailed as the “ideal 3D development for CG artists and non-coders”.

External Influences

Resources Update 3rd May 2012

Although these interactive displays from Perch are intended for a shop display, couldn’t they be used as some kind of interface for a game? Imagine traditional boardgames or strategy games using this type of technology.

An insight into Valve’s design process for creating Halflife. A look at the process followed by Valve in the creation of their seminal game Halflife.

A discussion on using Genetic Algorithms in computer games. Genetic algorithms are used to generate solutions to problems, by repeatedly trying different possibilities and ‘learning’ from each attempt.

Check out this amazing ‘interactive coffee table interface‘ that combines the power of Kinect with Playstation Eye to create a 3D interface that could be used for gameplay.

5 alternatives to game design documents are offered in this article on Gamasutra. Given that video games are a mostly visual media, these text-light alternatives may be more effective.

Resources Update 20th April 2012

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s the latest resources that may be useful for computer games courses: – public image archive. Free to use photos for creative projects.

Holograms – the recent stage performance featuring a hologram of dead rapper Tupac has sparked a new interest in holography and its uses. Perhaps we are a step forward towards holographic displays becoming commonplace and also being used for computer games and virtual reality scenes. View a video of the performance (contains strong language).

Augmented reality glasses were featured in a recent article on BBC Click. The video demonstrates a number of uses for the devices. This technology will almost certainly find a place in video games in the future.

Social and Mobile games study. A new study suggests teenagers are turning from traditional games to social and mobile games. This may have far reaching consequences in the industry, prompting less investment in the already beleaguered traditional video games market.

Sony’s 3D screen is released to UK and European markets. The 3D screen offers 3D capabilities for two simultaneous viewers and is specifically designed for Playstation 3D gaming.

Emerging Technology Update 30th March 2012

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Emerging gaming technologies:-

Holographic Versatile Discs – a future of storage medium for high volumes of data. A related technology is holographic memory. How might this affect games in the future?

How Near Field Communication could be used in the Wii U and in gaming.

Overwolf allows game players to communicate via social media from within their games.

New Flash Player 11.2 makes Flash the ‘games console for the web’ according to Adobe’s Digital media Blog.

And finally, amusing technology of the week…

Hands-free gaming in the gent’s urinal! Games come to a toilet near you, but will they catch on? A new ‘controller’ for games emerges.