Media Assets

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Media Assets are the graphics, sounds, animations, videos and text that are used in the creation of a computer game. As well as having a development tool (see later) you will also need tools to create and edit the media assets.

Some pre-made media assets can also be licensed for a fee or for free.

  1. Creative Commons licensing
  2. Royalty Free
  3. Digital Economy Act 2010
  4. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Planning Tools

Gantt Project – free scheduling tool

Editing and Creation Tools

  1. Make Pixel Art – an app to create Pixel Art, including a free online version.
  2. BFXR – online effects tool to create and alter common game sounds
  3. Tiled – the tiled map editor
  4. GIMP – Gnu Image Manipulation Program. Free.
  5. Audacity – Free audio editor and recorder.
  6. Blender – Free 3D modelling and animation, with a game engine.
  7. Photoshop – Adobe’s industry-leading image editing tool.
  8. Soundbooth – Adobe’s multi-track audio editor.
  9. Musescore – free music composition software.
  10. Any Video Converter (free version available) – great for converting between video formats.

Sound Effects and Music

  1. Sound Image – Creative Commons licensed music. NEW
  2. License to Thrill Music – a company that makes music for games. Listen to some samples on their site. 
  3. Looperman – music loops and samples
  4. AudioMicro – free sound effects
  5. FreeSFX
  6. Sound FX Now
  7. CCMixter– Creative Commons licensed music
  8. Freesound – registration required
  9. Sound Bible

Media Search Engines

  1. Compfight – Flickr search engine
  2. – searches various sites for CC licensed work
3D Textures
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