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Development tools

There are many different game development tools to choose from. Some are free and some are expensive. Some require lots of programming to create games and others use a drag-and drop interface. Some tools create 2D games and others can handle 3D. Some tools are also made for creating specific types of games. You will need to choose a tool carefully to meet your requirements.

  1. Scratch – Free. Designed to help teach programming and capable of making simple games
  2. Construct 2 – HTML5 game maker
  3. Phaser JS – Javascript framework for making games. FREE
  4. PyGame – a set of modules for game programming with Python. FREE
  5. Sploder – make games online – adventure, space, platformer, etc.
  6. CreateJS – Javascript libraries for making interactive media including games. FREE
  7. EnchantJS – a simple Javascript framework for creating games. FREE
  8. Flash – Adobe’s animation and applications tool is widely used for games.
  9. Gamemaker – Free lite version. Lots of tutorials available.
  10. Blender – Free. 3D modelling and animation tool with a game engine.
  11. GtkRadiant. Free. 3D gamelevel editor from id games.
  12. Unity. 3D game development tool.
  13. Unreal Development Kit. Free for educational use, commercial quality game engine.
  14. XNA – Microsoft’s games development tools for Windows and XBOX
  15. Kodu – Microsoft visual programming tool for games. Unfortunately can’t import external files and objects.
  16. Mission Maker – 3D game creation designed for education.
  17. Game Salad – create web, Mac and iOS games. Mac only
  18. Stencyl – iOS and Flash games. Android development in v3. Scratch style coding.
  19. Greenfoot – making games with Java.
  20. Cube 2 Sauerbraten – simple block-building engine for first person and multiplayer shooters.


  1. Gamemaker official tutorials
  2. Learn Scratch
  3. Blender tutorials
  4. Flash Platform Game Technology Center

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