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Emerging Technologies

  1. Project Ariana – game projector
  2. Steam Controller
  3. Near Field Communication
  4. Samsung Gear VR NEW
  5. SteamBox – Valve’s gaming PC for the living room
  6. Haptic controller from Tactical Haptics
  7. 3D Scanning camera for tablets 
  8. Nettlebox 3D display technology
  9. Wii U style gamepad for ANY console
  10. Nvidia Project Logan mobile graphics
  11. Kinect Based UBI
  12. Oculus Rift VR headset
  13. Android game controllers turn phones into consoles
  14. Microsoft gesture bracelet
  15. Linux to be the new gaming platform? 
  16. How will Ultra High Definition TV affect gaming?
  17. Latest Nvidia graphics processors
  18. Toshiba’s Glasses-free 3D television
  19. New feedback controller from University of Utah
  20. HIVE – Highly Portable Immersive Virtual Environment by NASA
  21. Neurosky brainwave sensors
  22. Gaze Interaction – eye tracking systems
  23. Google Glasses prototype – data in front of your eyes
  24. Project Fiona – Razer’s prototype gaming tablet
  25. Near Field Communication technology in the Wii U
  26. Unity gaming platform built into TVs
  27. Mind Reader control devices with thoughts (BBC Click)
  28. The Promise of Augmented Reality (BBC Click)
  29. Sony 3D headset
  30. Ocosmos Gaming Tablet
  31. Real guitar controller
  32. Augmented Reality boardgame
  33. Location based game
  34. Augmented Reality game
  35. Social and location based game
  36. Gaming without a console

Recent Technologies

  1. MadCatz Mojo – Android console
  2. Xbox One
  3. Playstation 4
  4. Playstation VITA TV
  5. Sony PSVITA
  6. Ouya Android games console
  7. Nintendo Wii U
  8. Onlive cloud gaming
  9. MS Kinect Gameplay video
  10. Other Kinect features video
  11. More Kinect Gameplay video
  12. Playstation Move video
  13. Playstation Move gameplay video
  14. More Playstation Move gameplay video
  15. Nintendo 3DS intro video
  16. Nintendo 3DS hands-on video
  17. Sony 3D TV commercial
  18. Sony 3D TV review
  19. Wiimote used as a head-tracking device


  1. Shigeru Miyamoto
  2. Hideo Kojima
  3. Charles Cecil
About Game Design
  1. Designing Good Games (pdf) by Mark Overmars, from YoYo games.
  2. Game Design Course on the Game Design Concepts site.

The cost of making Video Games

Kickstarter – a new way to finance creative projects, including video games.

Games Industry

  1. Career Profiles
  2. Interactive Storyboard about the Games Industry
  3. Games Industry Value Chain
  4. Job roles in Computer Games
  5. Super Mario Galaxy – list of credits
  6. The Beginnings of Rockstar Games

Suggestions for integrating numeracy

Data visualisation of game platform ownership and popularity

The Power of 2 Rule for game textures

External factors affecting game design

  1. Age rating games (BBC video clip)
  2. ESRB – game ratings system
  3. BBFC – game and film classification
  4. A History of Video Game Controversy
  5. Battlefield 3 plot angers Iranian gamers
  6. Wii – health & safety
  7. Repetitive strain injuries
  8. Video games and epilepsy
  9. The Rise of Casual Games (pdf)
  10. Religion and games
  11. Games with the power to offend (Gamasutra)
  12. Awards – how do awards such as BAFTA affect game sales or investment?

Design Tools


  1. Flight Control
  2. Bingo
  3. Wii Baseball

Sketches and concept art

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic – spaceship design
  2. Video game art (BBC Video)
  3. Terry Paton’s game design sketchbook
  4. 50 examples of game concept art
Generating ideas
Creativity & Games – Guardian article
Behind the scenes
  1. Concept Artist – Mass Effect 2
  2. How games are made (Discovery Channel)
  3. Silent Hill – Making of 1. Production team and visuals.
  4. Silent Hill – Making of 2. Character design & motion capture.
  5. Silent Hill – Making of 3. Creature design, music and sound.
  6. Silent Hill – Making of 4. Creating moods and evoking emotions.
  7. How games are made at Ubisoft Newcastle (BBC Video)
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