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EnchantJS – creating games with Javascript

Last year I had a plan to start learning to create games with HTML and Javascript, and although I made some headway I got lost in the myriad of Javascript libraries. I tried CreateJS, which is free and good, but I felt it was a little complicated for teaching to my class, and I also looked at ImpactJS, which ended up being too expensive. I tried several other javascript libraries for creating games, but quickly ran into brick walls, suddenly unable to find quality tutorials or resources that were easy to understand.

Recently I discovered EnchantJS, which is described as “A simple JavaScript framework for creating games and apps”, and I am happy to report that it comes with some decent documentation that would be suitable for using with my students. Within a couple of hours I was able to implement some basic game elements with EnchantJS – sound, animation and input controls and finally felt as though I was getting somewhere with creating Javascript games. A bit more work is required to get a fully functioning game, but the tutorials and documentation I’ve discovered so far have been very good and have included excellent explanations (or at least better than for other Javascript libraries I’ve encountered).

For those of you interested in following this up, here are some of the resources I’ve found so far:

EnchantJS – download EnchantJS here. Also includes a starter tutorial that explains most of the basics very well.

Penguin Dive Tutorial – a step-by-step tutorial on making a complete game, with good explanations along the way.

CodeLeap – online tutorials on creating apps with EnchantJS. It’s in Japanese, so you may need to use Google Chrome to translate it to English. It has a browser based code editor that allows you to test your code right away.

Crash Course – created by Cal Poly, this course uses CodeLeap and takes you through the creation of a simple game.

Video tutorials – some video introductions to using EnchantJS.

Video showcasing some of EnchantJS features including OpenGL and 3D.

Slideshare on animation with EnchantJS.

Introductory tutorial (Japanese) covers the creation of maps. Google Translate does a good enough translation!

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