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Resources Update – 24th March 2013

March 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Some recent news from the games industry and useful links for game design teachers.

  1. Unity 3D engine comes to PS4.
  2. Ethics and computer games. Is Apple right to ban a game about a Sweatshop from the App store?
  3. Open Game Art – open assets for game development.
  4. Do games need to be marketed any more?

Castle Invaders released

Castle Invaders has finally been released for March’s One Game a Month.

This is my most complex game so far for One Game a Month. There are more objects in the game and levels than my previous games and it was certainly more complex to code. I had intended it to be my February game, but chose to release Knight Skills: Joust instead and spend more time working on Castle Invaders.

The big question is ‘What will be my game for April?’. I have a few prototypes worked up including Dungeoneer, an unfinished game I began in 2011. I also have some ideas for more games for the King Robert The Bruce website, including a platformer and a maze game. For the time being I may just have a little rest from developing games and get back into it in April when I have some time off work.

As for Castle Invaders, the game features 3 increasingly difficult levels as you defend your castle against invading enemy soldiers. The enemy invaders attempt to scale the castle walls, but you can knock them off by dropping rocks on them. You need to defend the castle until reinforcements arrive. In the second level you need to take out enemy cavalry who have been dispatched to intercept the reinforcements. In the final level you must avoid enemy archers who have been sent to shoot you down.

Castle Invaders can be played at the King Robert the Bruce website.