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BEST. GAME. EVER. – game review

bestWith a title like ‘BEST.GAME.EVER’ I had to play this game, but didn’t have any high expectations. The game is not the best game ever, but as a simple game made by a beginner (I’m assuming Tony Ramirez is a novice game developer), then it shows promise.

The game has been submitted to onegameamonth.com, and although it doesn’t live up to its name, it is certainly not the worst game ever, or the worst game I’ve seen on onegameamonth.

The game, which appears to be a mashup of asteroids and space invaders, has the player controlling a spaceship and shooting down increasingly large waves of aliens. The game has all of the basic gameplay elements and provides an adequate level of challenge. The game, however, doesn’t have much lasting appeal as the levels are all the same, just with larger amounts of bad guys.

The graphics and sound are adequate for a simple casual web based game, and there aren’t any real bugs or issues (apart from the bullets firing out of an odd place in the spaceship).

I’ve made games like this myself, and I know the time it takes to develop a game. Tony has managed to make a HTML5/Javascript game, which I haven’t been able to do myself yet, so it’s definitely a promising start and I wish Tony every success in his game development career and with the onegameamonth challenge.

BEST.GAME.EVER can be played here http://tonyram19.site11.com/

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  1. kungfu
    March 22, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Probably made in Creator2.

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