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February #1GAM – update 1

Concept sketch

When I begin designing a game I usually start with a sketch of what the game will look like, or at least what a single level will look like. I also look at similar games as I may get some inspiration for the look and feel of my game. I also play similar games (if they exist), again to get some ideas and inspiration.

Keeping a note or a screenshot of the games and things you like can be useful. I’ve used Pinterest.com for this on occasion, but most of the time I just make a collage of images in Adobe Photoshop to use as a kind of ‘mood board’.

Sometime you might also come across some inspiration elsewhere and in case this happens, which is quite a lot, I keep my phone handy and make a note using Evernote. If it’s some visual inspiration, then taking a photo is useful too. Evernote and  Google+ upload notes and photos to the web instantly, so this makes it very easy to get to your collection of inspiring ideas wherever you are.

For my Castle Wall game I played space invaders type games, as the mechanics are very similar and I also researched lots of games involving castle sieges and defending castles. I still haven’t found a game quite like my idea though, so it seems quite original in concept, if not in mechanics.

Here’s my first playable prototype. Arrow keys to move left and right, Space to drop rocks.

Games with similar mechanics

Games with similar mechanics

Castle related games

Castle related games

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