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One Game A Month – February

logo-febContinuing in my efforts to participate in onegameamonth.com, I’ve decided that I’d like to keep an educational aspect to my endeavours, so will be blogging here about my game design process as I work on each game. Hopefully others, including students, will gain some insight into the design process for making games.

This month I’ve been torn between three different game types. First is a space invader type game, second is a platformer game and third is a running game in the style of Canabalt.

I have prototypes of each of these games, so I really just need to make them into fully working games and improve the graphics and sound.  I’d also like to make as many games as possible for the King Robert The Bruce website, so this will influence the look and style of each game I make.

I think I’ve finally settled on the ‘space invader’ type game, but it will have  a medieval theme. My plan is to have a game where you defend a castle from attack by throwing rocks from the castle onto attackers who are trying to scale the walls. In effect it is an inverted version of space invaders – the player moves left and right, and can fire; the enemy moves across the screen and moves up the screen towards the player. If an enemy reaches the top of the wall, the game ends.

So, this is the basic premise of my game, but I also plan to create additional features to make it more of a challenge to play. Extra points can be scored by successfully hitting an enemy knight, and there will be enemy archers that will appear occasionally and shoot arrows at you.

In my next post I’ll show some sketches and initial designs for the game.

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