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Warwolf completed!

Screenshot of Warwolf video game

My first game for One Game A Month is complete!

Actually, the game isn’t quite complete, but it is in a playable state. I plan to add additional levels and features when I get time.

Warwolf is a medieval catapult game where the aim is to destroy Stirling Castle in the First Wars of Scottish Independence.

The game was created with Adobe Flash. The graphics were edited in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, and the audio was manipulated with Adobe Audition.

I started work on the game in December and finished today. It took well under a month, working every few days on bits of the game. The most time consuming part was making the graphics. The coding was fairly straightforward, apart from working out the angle of the catapult and translating it to the projectile. It took me a couple of days just to work out this part. Once I had a working game I shared it on Facebook with my game-design students and they did some playtesting for me. The playtesting helped to identify some rough areas in the game mechanics and also suggest some features I hadn’t thought of.

I had the idea for a game like this a while ago, and started some draft designs in my sketchbook sometime last year. I already had some ideas for a castle as I’d been working on designs for a different game and had already done some research. You can see from the sketches below that I drew out some plans for the graphics in the game and also sketched out some ideas for the game mechanics. You might spot Pythagoras Theorem being used to work out the angles for the catapult.

Designs for Warwolf

Sketches for Warwolf game

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