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January’s game update

My Catapult game is working nicely, and although I’ll be submitting it to One Game a Month very soon, I plan to continue to add extra features to the game over the next few months.

Thanks to Karl Barrs, who suggested I add upgrades such as different ammo types – dead sheep, fireballs and severed heads. He thinks kids would love this stuff as it could be in the style of the ‘Horrible Histories’ TV show and books.

I’m currently working on the intro sequence for the game which features an opening portcullis. I have been trying to find a suitable sound effect of a portcullis opening (for free), but have had to resort to recording some foley effects by myself. The following sound clip was made by dragging a chain across the rung of a ladder and recording it on my phone.

Download Portcullis sound effect (mp3)

This sound is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 attribution license. Please feel free to use it as long as you attribute it to Colin Maxwell, @camaxwell.


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