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The Nexus 7 for gaming

I got a Asus Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas (actually my daughter did, and I use it when she’s asleep, please don’t tell her).

The official Google tablet is very well specified for gaming, featuring a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor which has been designed for 3D gaming. In fact the tablet is probably as powerful as a PS Vita or other recent handheld consoles. Indeed there’s a whole range of games designed to run on the Tegra processor (download the TegraZone app for quick access).

So far I’ve played a lot of generic Android games on the tablet and most have worked very smoothly. A few haven’t worked at all, but I’ve experienced that on my Android phone too.

My gaming highlights so far on the Nexus have been Shadowgun:Deadzone and Galaxy on Fire 2.

Shadowgun: Deadzone (Madfinger) is a multiplayer, third-person, sci-fi shooter. It has two modes, deathmatch and zone control. which should be familiar to any frequent gamer. Controls are via on-screen buttons and control stick. These aren’t as good as using a real controller, but they work very well on the 7 inch tablet and don’t take up too much screen real-estate. The game is very simplistic – running around shooting, but the graphics and sound are good.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (Fish Labs) reminds me of playing Elite when I had a Sinclair Spectrum in the 1980’s. A bit like Buck Rogers, the main character is transported in time and space due to a ship malfunction and awakes in the future at the opposite end of the galaxy. Starting off as an asteroid miner he improves his ship and skills by taking on missions which usually involve shooting enemy spaceships. This game features lovely graphics and gameplay similar to that found on a PC or full-size console. I might even consider paying for the full game!

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