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Music for games

Audio is always a much overlooked media type in movies, TV and games. Most people focus on the visuals, but would miss the audio if it wasn’t there. How many times have you heard someone say “You must get the new Battlefield game, the sound effects are so much better than the last one”? I expect ‘NEVER’ is the answer. However, substitute the word graphics for the words sound effects and it’s a different story.

Here’s a neat exercise to do with your game design students – play them some music that’s been designed for games or movies and get them to suggest the type of game (genre) it would suit, or the type of game sequence it would match.

I used to have a CD of ‘Music for Games’ that I picked up the Edinburgh Games Festival (now the Edinburgh Interactive Festival) a few years ago. It was great for such an activity, but unfortunately it has gone missing 😦

Looking for an alternative to my lost CD I stumbled across the License To Thrill Music website that contains samples of a range of music designed for games, movies and TV. Another site with the same possibilities, and a whole lot more music, is Soundzabound, which has a searchable library of music.




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