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Computer Games: Media Assets

It’s block two at college and we’re moving onto Computer Games: Media Assets for the next 12 weeks.

This is the unit that has the biggest crossover with other parts of the course that my NC level 5 students are doing. Already they’ve made animation and graphics, and had a chance to edit some video and audio, so they arrive at this unit with some of the practical skills.

During the first couple of classes we’ll be analysing some video games – examining the media assets in them and comparing similar games. We’ll be trying to assess if the graphics, sound, animation, etc, in a game can actually make it better. We’ll also be asking if graphics are a major appeal in buying a video game and if any other media assets, such as sound, have as big an impact.

Castle Smasher game

Castle Smasher

One of the first tasks we’ll do is a comparison of two similar games. This involves looking at two ‘Medieval Catapult’ games and comparing the sounds and graphics in each. The students will answer some set questions and then we’ll discuss which game is the best. The two games also have slightly different game mechanics, controls and interfaces, so this will probably come up in the discussion too. If you want to try this task yourself or with your own students then please download the tutorial. Feel free to remix it and share it with others.

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