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Audacity – free audio editing tool

Audacity is a favourite tool of mine for editing audio. It’s free and easy to use, so what more could you ask for?

Audacity can be downloaded from Sourceforge, and you should also get LAME, the free MP3 encoder, to go along with it (this will allow you to work with MP3 files in Audacity). There is also a portable version of Audacity, which is the one I use most often.

Finding LAME is often a hassle, but it can be found on the LAME download page hosted by Buanzo. Scroll down until you find a link beneath the heading For FFMpeg/LAME on Windows:

To get you started with Audacity I’ve made a short tutorial on making a laser sound effect with Audacity. The tutorial asks you to download a free sound effect from soundbible.com, then to apply some effects, trim the audio and save it. You will end up with a nice laser sound effect that could be used in a sci-fi game such as space invaders.

Feel free to download the tutorial, remix it or share it with others!

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