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Resources Update 3rd May 2012

Although these interactive displays from Perch are intended for a shop display, couldn’t they be used as some kind of interface for a game? Imagine traditional boardgames or strategy games using this type of technology.

An insight into Valve’s design process for creating Halflife. A look at the process followed by Valve in the creation of their seminal game Halflife.

A discussion on using Genetic Algorithms in computer games. Genetic algorithms are used to generate solutions to problems, by repeatedly trying different possibilities and ‘learning’ from each attempt.

Check out this amazing ‘interactive coffee table interface‘ that combines the power of Kinect with Playstation Eye to create a 3D interface that could be used for gameplay.

5 alternatives to game design documents are offered in this article on Gamasutra. Given that video games are a mostly visual media, these text-light alternatives may be more effective.

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