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Resources Update 20th April 2012

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s the latest resources that may be useful for computer games courses: – public image archive. Free to use photos for creative projects.

Holograms – the recent stage performance featuring a hologram of dead rapper Tupac has sparked a new interest in holography and its uses. Perhaps we are a step forward towards holographic displays becoming commonplace and also being used for computer games and virtual reality scenes. View a video of the performance (contains strong language).

Augmented reality glasses were featured in a recent article on BBC Click. The video demonstrates a number of uses for the devices. This technology will almost certainly find a place in video games in the future.

Social and Mobile games study. A new study suggests teenagers are turning from traditional games to social and mobile games. This may have far reaching consequences in the industry, prompting less investment in the already beleaguered traditional video games market.

Sony’s 3D screen is released to UK and European markets. The 3D screen offers 3D capabilities for two simultaneous viewers and is specifically designed for Playstation 3D gaming.