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Today (March 16) the Smithsonian American Art Museum begins its new exhibition The Art of Video GamesA discussion about video game art can also be found on the BBC News website.


One of the earliest stages of designing a game involves the creation of concept art that helps the development team visualise the game.

The job of the artist or concept artist is described on this page of the Skillset website. Working with both traditional artist’s media and digital technology, the concept artist visualises the components of a game.

In this video, Matt Rhodes of Bioware explains his work on the game Mass Effect 2. The video is one in a series of five about the making of Mass Effect 2.

This first video in a series about the making of Silent Hill 2 describes the visual style of the game and the role played by artists. It includes an interview with Art Director Masahi Tsuboyama and shows the process of starting with photographs and drawings through to the end stage of creating 3D models.

On the Star Wars: Old Republic site, Ryan Dening and Christopher Reeves explain their work designing spacecraft and environments for the game.

Finally, the Creative Uncut website contains numerous galleries of video game artwork and could be used as a source of inspiration for game design students or artists.

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