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Image by Jeremy Holmes (j3rmz on Flickr). Used under Creative Commons License.

Flowcharting is not something I do a lot in game design, indeed I find flowcharting difficult. The NPA Computer Games development requires flowcharting to be covered in the Design unit at level 5, so it’s something I’ve just had to get to grips with.

The unit itself doesn’t provide much guidance on flowcharting, except that the student response must be for one logical sequence of gameplay for an existing game and may depict the following:

  • logical sequence of gameplay
  • start/stop/terminator symbol
  • arrows showing flow of control
  • processing steps
  • input and output
  • decisions
  • sub routines
  • wait boxes
Note that this is in the Guidance section, so the above items aren’t mandatory.

Fortunately the Assessment Support Pack (ASP) does contain some extra guidance, with an example.

It seems that flowcharting (using the standardised methodology) isn’t widely used in designing games. No-one I’ve talked to uses them and there are very few examples on the web.

Here are a few examples that I have been able to find:

There are also a lot of game-related flowcharts that don’t follow a standard methodology

Hopefully these links will prove useful. Before you start teaching game-related flowcharting it may be useful to look at flowcharts for concrete processes that your students may be familiar with.

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  1. March 13, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    Thanks! I naturally thought of flowcharting as a way to prepare to make a game… and was cruising for other models to spring from —

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